Ram Punching

Ram Punching enables large volumes of high stacks of material to be cut at once. Imagine a super chunky pastry cutter: Paper is forced through the centre of the tool and waste flows around the outside and drops away. External shapes only are ram punched.

When to choose Ram Punching?

  • We have a product that can be cut as stacked sheets.
  • Run lengths are very long.
  • Our design won’t change and I will re-order regularly.
  • My customer wants us to shape-cut a stitched booklet.
  • I do not want nicks or pips spoiling the finish.

Ram punching is ideal for

  • Playing Cards
  • Stitched and Bound Booklets
  • Pre-Folded Leaflets
  • Swatch Sets
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Colin's advice

Ram punching is great for long run lengths and repeat jobs.

Only external shapes can be ram punched; holes or acute angles don’t work and 'cartoon' shapes work the best, so think radius corners, circles and basic shapes. These shapes need to be smooth or sweeping as waste flows around the outside of the tool.

Ram punching works best on quality material with tight fibres, high ink content or laminated sheets as uncoated or loose fibre material can result in flaking around high pressure points. Pre-collated sets can be ram punched creating a perfect finish on all cards.

Work must always be presented oversize (normally 3mm on each side to be cut) for the ram punch tool to cut an accurate and consistent shape.

Allow time for tooling. Cutters are milled out of solid high grade steel and take several days to manufacture; the tooling can be re-sharpened extending tool life.

Our Machines

At PaperShapers we use the best tools available to deliver the quality you need.

  • Busch BLS Ram Punching Machine
  • Albert Frankenthal Ram Punching Machine
  • AMC Large Format Ram Punching Machine


  • 01 hugo boss web
  • 07 mask llet
  • 08 bag booklet
  • 11 epic white
  • 12 epic open
  • 13 zurich swatch
  • 12 super dry corner
  • Morrisons auto
  • Papershapers coconut montage
  • Papershapers cube 01s
  • Ram punched bottle booklet
  • Ram punched bag booklet
  • Ram punch arrow booklet
  • Ram punched swatch set
  • Ram punched saddle stitched booklet


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Just a quick note to say a big thank you for the Superdry ram punching job. Our client was very pleased with the final product and the round cornering certainly enhanced it.Paul