Die Cutting

Die Cutting is the most conventional method of shape cutting. Our die cutting machines use similar feeds and deliveries to printing presses. Instead of printing, the sheet is die cut using a flat bed tool formed to the desired shape. Internal as well as external shapes are possible.

When to choose Die Cutting?

  • My design won’t change and I will re-order regularly.
  • I have long run lengths.
  • Our laser cut proof has been approved and we want to go into full production.
  • Even the slightest laser burn marks showing on edges is a problem.
  • As well as die cutting I need to crease my product.

Die Cutting is ideal for

  • Postcards
  • Door Hangers
  • Tags and Labels
  • Wallets and Folders
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Colin's advice

Die cutting is great for medium to long run lengths and repeat jobs and most external and internal shapes can be cut using this method.

The shape restrictions are based on the ability to bend 1mm steel rule to shape so if you need something very intricate laser cutting may be better suited. Minimum space between cuts is 3mm and a 15mm grip is required on 2 edges of the sheet.

Most materials can be die cut with a clean finish (although die cutting laminated sheets can result in 'furry' edges) and creasing is possible at the same time.

We're able to save costs where nesting or tessellation on sheets is possible. Please be aware that nicks or pips may be used to avoid separation from the job and waste sheet as it travels through the machine.

Our Machines

At PaperShapers we use the best tools available to deliver the quality you need.

  • Heidelberg Cylinder Die Cutting Machine
  • Crosland Platen Die Cutting Machine
  • Magnacutter MCS3 Rotary Die Cutting Machine


  • 05 hand honda
  • 06 coldplay1
  • 10 adidas
  • 01 shirt env
  • 03 buddha
  • 09 ducks
  • 06 sainsburys bank v2
  • 07 folded card
  • 12 superdry flat 2
  • Smirnoff
  • Glenfiddich mailer
  • Body shop chestnut 3
  • Papershapers leaves 01s
  • Papershapers mug 01s
  • Die cut strawberry shape voucher
  • Die cut business cards
  • Die cut telephone flyer


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